I am currently offering artwork in the following styles:

  • A mixed media approach combining watercolour and ink on watercolour paper
  • Digital artwork

I am happy to paint any kind of animal, from cats and dogs, to horses, birds and reptiles!

I work from photographs, so please provide the clearest and highest quality images that you can of your pet so that I can capture as much detail as possible in my work. However I know this is not always possible and I can often work around this if necessary.

I can also combine separate photographs to create a unique image with multiple beloved pets .

See my gallery  or visit my Instagram or Facebook page for examples of my work!

The prices and sizes below are meant as a guide. If you’d like something in a specific style or size I can try my best to accommodate this! Please get in touch to discuss your ideas with me.

Pricing for Detailed Watercolour Paintings

A detailed painting of a single subject, with a simple or plain background in all mediums starts at £140 plus p&p for a 6×8 piece of work. I charge by the linear inch and as a guide the following sizes of paintings are priced as follows:

Canvas size (inches)        Price (plus p&p)

6×8                                                £140

8×8                                                £160

8×10                                              £180

9×12                                              £210

Additional subjects will cost extra due to the time and attention needed for capturing multiple animals. The size of the painting may also have to change to accommodate more than one subject, please get in touch to discuss this!

A detailed background or complex details such as horse tack may cost extra due to the additional time needed to capture these features. This will be discussed and agreed with you on an individual basis.

Here is an example of  detailed watercolour and ink painting, including a background:

Pricing for Watercolour and Ink Sketches and Digital Sketches

I also offer affordable watercolour and ink paintings or digital art sketches that still capture all the personality and charm of the subject.

A5 Watercolour and Ink sketches are priced at £50 plus p&p

Here is an example of a watercolour and ink sketch:

Image (19)

Digital Art Sketches are priced at £50 and the final image will be sent to you by email.

Here are some examples of my Digital Art Sketches:



All paintings are currently sold unmounted and unframed.

I ship my paintings worldwide! Postage and packaging costs are variable depending on your location and needs (e.g. shipping insurance).

The full payment, including p&p costs is required before I begin working on your painting.

I will aim to finish and deliver your painting within 2 weeks of accepting your payment.

I have limited availability for commissions, especially at busy times of year such as towards Christmas, so please book your slot well in advance of special events.

I can provide progress pictures on your painting on request or you can choose to savour the anticipation of waiting to see the finished piece!

Each painting is a bespoke, individual and unique piece of artwork. I only send out artwork that I am completely happy with, and I am very much a perfectionist by nature! You are paying for my individual style, and the care, love and attention I put into each piece of work. For these reasons revisions and returns of original artwork and commissions will not be accommodated.

Suzie Angus retains all rights to the original artworks and commissions that she produces. Customers may not reproduce or resell artwork without permission.

All customer details will be kept secure and private.