About Me

I am an artist and photographer based in the UK. I love to paint, draw and photograph animals of all kinds.

I grew up in an artistic family and have been lucky enough to be surrounded by creativity and inspiration my whole life. My mum is a textile designer, you can find her work here!

I also work with animal charities, providing photography services to help re-home lost and abandoned animals, and donating artwork to raise money.

I am very grateful to the following organisations for providing me with inspiration for my own work and a chance to contribute my time and skills to help animals in need:

Boote Home for Cats

Boote Home for Cats is a small charity based in Liverpool run by a very passionate and dedicated team of volunteers. They rescue, care for and re-home hundreds of cats and kittens each year.

I have worked closely with this charity after adopting my own beautiful cats from here. I take photographs of the new arrivals and ensure they look their best on the rehoming website so they can find their new homes.

Here are a small selection of the pictures I’ve taken at the charity!

Please visit their Facebook page to keep up to date with their work and see the cats they have up for adoption here!

Cheshire Horse Sanctuary

Cheshire Horse Sanctuary is a small Cheshire-based charity who rescue, care for and re-home abandoned and mistreated horses and ponies. They are run by a small, passionate and close knit group of volunteers who do a wonderful job of providing a safe and loving home for the animals they care for.

Here are some pictures I have taken for the charity!

You can find their Facebook page here and find out more about the charity at their website here.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary

Redwings is a large well established UK charity that helps horses, ponies and donkeys who have been neglected or abandoned. I remember visiting this wonderful charity as a horse-obsessed little girl and recently donated artwork to raise money for the charity. I hope to remain involved with this wonderful organisation!

My original paintings below are up for auction at the Redwings Aylsham Centre in May 2018. See the Facebook event here.

My Pets

I have been lucky enough to own and be around many wonderful animals all my life. My family have always kept pet cats and dogs and reptiles. I also worked with horses for many years at a local riding stables and still hope my own horse one day!

I am currently a mum to three gorgeous cats, all adopted from Boote Home for Cats.

I love hearing about other people’s pets and I value the opportunity to paint and draw other people’s special animal companions as a celebration of their unique spirit and personality 🙂